May 6, 2010

Plants vs Zombies: Endless Survival Mode Ultimate Tower Defense

I like to share this tutorial with all the players of Plants vs Zombies. This game really rocks!

The overall strategy is to have a steady supply of sun resources, kill the enemy rapidly, slow down the enemy, secure every plant in every location, and maximize collection of coins produced in killing the zombies.

This is the first set of plants that I use to initially set the Sunflower resources. Notice that I use Squash and an early upgrade of Lily Pad to Cattail. The early thing to do is to immediately plant Sunflower to have a constant source of “Sun” to buy other plants.
Plants vs Zombies First Choice of Plants

The use of squash is to be to stop the first attacking zombie without buying a more expensive plant.
Plants vs Zombies Plant Squash

The garlic on the other hand should be used to redirect the zombies into two particular lanes (except the pool zombies).
Plants vs Zombies Position Garlic

After the first zombie and putting up the garlic, you must be able to buy a Cattail which will be used to take down the next number of attacking zombies. The good thing about Cattail is that (Make sure you planted a Lily Pad first since it is required when using a Cattail.
Plants vs Zombies Cattail

Leave the work of killing the zombies to the Cattail. Then start upgrading your Sunflowers to speed up earning “Sun”.
Plants vs Zombies Upgrade Sunflower

After the first Sunflower upgrade, you can start buying a Repeater and position it first on the lane where the zombies are walking through (the one without a garlic).
Plants vs Zombies First Repeater

Next, you can alternately upgrade Sunflowers and purchase additional Repeaters and Cattails.
Plants vs Zombies Sunflower Repeater Cattails

After completing the initial level (2 flags), your set up should more or less look like this. (In making this tutorial, I wasn’t able to upgrade the last piece of Sunflower. The ideal scenario is to have all Sunflowers upgraded so that you don’t have to use (select) it in the succeeding stage(s).
Plants vs Zombies 2 Flags Completed

In the next level (flags 3-4), you can start upgrading your repeater, using watermelon, and use _. My choice of plants for this stage is shown below.
Plants vs Zombies Start Level 2

You may now begin planting Melon Pult to beef up your backline defense.
Plants vs Zombies Backline Defense

In the next level (flags 5-6), there will be more zombies attacking. It is important that you start planting Fume-Shrooms in the fourth column from the right to secure your frontline defense while at the same time still building up your mid and back defenses.
Plants vs Zombies Secure Frontline Defense

In Level 4 (flags 7-8), you should have planted most of the plants for your defenses. The next thing to do is to upgrade them. Notice that I also opted to use Magnet-Shroom and Gold Magnet. I will be removing the two Fume-Shrooms in the pool and replace them with Magnet-Shroom and Gold Magnet so that the one will be used to collect the coins while the other one is for removing metals from the zombies. Plants vs Zombies Start Flags 7-8

This is my setup after completing 8 flags.
Plants vs Zombies 8 Flags Completed

After completing 8 flags, make your plants more secure by putting Pumpkin in each of them (this step actually should be done from time to time starting at the first level, when you have the extra “Suns” to use). However, in this stage, it is assumed that the Tower Defense is almost complete and no other shooting plants are needed to be used. Your setup more or less will look like this after completing 10 flags. Plants vs Zombies After 10 Flags

The next thing to do is to make the remaining upgrades (for Repeaters etc.). Using the Cherry Bombs, Jalapenos, Spikeweeds, and Spikerocks will slow down the zombies if now completely preventing them from attacking your front line defense.
Plants vs Zombies Remaining Upgrades

After completing 18 flags, your setup must look like this.
Plants vs Zombies After 18 Flags

After all the attacking plants have been planted, my choice of plants will most likely what is shown below, unless some of the plants are destroyed in a certain level and I need to replace them. But more often than not, here are my picks for level 11 (after completing 20 flags) and beyond.
Plants vs Zombies Flags 20 and beyond

This is basically the defensive strategy that I am using. I am able to complete 30 flags using this setup. However, it will also depend on how you stop attacking zombies using cherry bombs, jalapenos, doom-shrooms, ice-shrooms, and other plants like spikeweeds. The said setup is not a “set it and forget it”
solution, especially that the types of zombies vary from level to level. It is recommended that once you have established the positions of each plant, you maintain a set of bombs especially for the

Have your own Plants vs Zombie defensive stuff? Share it with us by commenting below.

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